FTS 18 for iOS; Play First Touch Soccer on iPhone

Whenever we come across an awesome game, we like to have it on the platforms we use. So, I know why you are here looking for First Touch Soccer 2018 for iPhone. In this article, you are going to get the same.

If you don't know, it is pretty difficult for anyone to run Android apps on iPhone. But we are going to give it a try no matter what.

How to Play FTS 2018 on iOS?

first touch soccer 2018 on iphone
As you already read, what we are trying to do here, isn't a piece of cake. Given the closed ecosystem of iOS, it isn't easy for anyone to run an application (meant for another platform) on iPhone. Still, you can go through the following steps to do it.

Step 1:- First, you need to know what an emulator is. It is an application or software that helps you run another platform on your current OS. That's what we are using here to enjoy First Touch Soccer 18 on iPad.

You can get a glimpse of Android emulator for iOS here on this Quora thread. People have commented different methods to install emulators there. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Unfortunately, not every single method can work for you. So, stick to the one that's best for you.

Step 2:- Now that you have got the emulator, download Android APK of FTS. Why do you need the installation file? Well, the emulator mimics the Android ecosystem, so that you can run FTS 18 on iOS like a breeze.
best soccer game for ios

Step 3:- There, you will see an option to open application from APK files. All you have to do is browsing to the APK file and hit Run. There you have it, First Touch Soccer for iOS.

In case this doesn't work, you can use mirroring options as well. We will keep publishing articles that help you run FTS on different platforms.