FTS 18 APK+ OBB+ Data; Download First Touch Soccer 2018 for Android

Super Mario, Contra and other famous games of that time have just become the past. With the advancing technologies, gaming experience is elevating day by day. These days the gamers, gaming gadgets and the gaming platforms have configured drastic changes with time. Now, it’s the time for FTS 18 apk android to amaze you with its features.

Explaining in little words about the giant Operating system, Android is now the ruler. Every second millions of Android users download various games, applications and other materials on their respective devices. Now it’s a golden chance for them to download and explore the First Touch Soccer 2018 apk.

Here you get the option to get the FTS 18 apk free download for android for you android devices. Listing the new features will bring your eyes out at an instant. The first touch soccer 2018 version is simply amazing and you won’t be unhappy with your decision and the 2017 version have successfully won the heart of gamers worldwide.

FTS 2018 APK Download with OBB and Data for Android

first touch soccer 2018 apk

Now it’s easy to get the newest version of FTS 2018 apk with OBB and Android Data files. This latest edition for the Android Phones includes the packed files which provide the alluring graphics features to provide amazing experience while gaming. The files self installs in your device and assists you with its better performance.
There lots of football games are available on the internet but many of them are paid and other games have not good graphics. First touch soccer is best of them; it is free to download as well as great graphics and features that blow out your mind.

From the below provided link of FTS 18 apk free download, you can install the 2018 version of this game. This specific version will navigate you with every feature which will allow easy access while playing the game. This game is finally out and gets set your skills to win every stage.

Click the below link to install the 2018 version of FTS 18 apk download

Features of First Touch Soccer 2018 Android Game

First Touch Soccer 2018 and here you will get the original link to get FTS 18 apk download for android. In comparison to an earlier version, this apk is ready to blow out your mind. The features, graphics, and its promise to provide you with the sheer gaming experience.   
Soccer is the most famous sport all over the globe. You can feel the Goosebumps while watching the live match. Engaging with first touch soccer 2018 apk free download will provide you the same experience as you are playing the live match. Get set and install the latest version 2k18 and make the goal.

Here you get the option to get the FTS 18 apk free download for your android devices. Listing the new features will bring your eyes out in an instant. The newest version is simply amazing and you won’t regret your decision and the 2k17 version have successfully won the heart of gamers worldwide.
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Listed Features

first touch soccer

Latest Songs: Songs boost your performance while playing the game. The fresh version of FTS 18 apk games, is enabled with the famous songs of the leading singers. Each song has the ability to boost your adrenaline while engaging in a soccer match.  
New Jerseys: If you are bored with the older version, but with FTS 18 apk download the file and explore the New Jersey’s of your favorite team players. Select the team or even built you own team with the latest designed dresses of your players.
Updated List of Players: Installing the latest version of FTS 18 apk file, you get the option of the managing new players. This upgraded First touch Soccer assists you in recruiting the new team members.
Unique graphics with arena: On getting the FTS 2018 apk free download, you can experience the uniquely designed graphics, effects and enjoy playing in latest soccer grounds. Such features are specially added to enhance the gamers’ experience.
Managing Mode: As you get the control of FTS 18 apk games, you become the manager or controller. This provides the option to add new players, employ them effectively, controlling them and lots more.Such platform provides you with an access to the first touch soccer 2018 apk game to select the gaming arena, make the decent changes with the editing options. 
Attractive Visuals: Unlike the 2k17 version, the first touch soccer 2018 apk new enables you with the alluring effects and visuals to make the game more real. On installing the 2018 version you get the sheer soccer gaming experience. Get set for your gaming tools and devices to control the game and make the goal.
Intelligent Gaming Modes: Now the first touch soccer 2018 apk mod new version comes with various gaming modes and the intelligent mode provides you proper and fast functioning. This platform is highly mutated with respect to the gamming needs.
Commentary: The first touch soccer 18 apk pro is empowered with the commentary in variable languages. You get the option to change the language and enjoy the gaming updates while playing.
Easy controlling: Engaging with the first touch soccer 2018 mod apk version enables you with the easy controlling and managing every single step in the game.
Optimized gaming: The fresh versions of FTS 2018 apk update provide you smooth gaming experience without lagging. Just cover the necessary gaming requirements and start playing.
Compatibility: The compatibility factor of the FTS 2018 apk version integrates well with your devices. Get yourself stress-free and have the erect experience of the soccer gaming.
Multiplayer: This newest soccer gaming version FTS 2018 apk installer, provides you with the option of multiplayer’s. Now enroll a match with you near and dear ones and challenge them in the gaming arena.

The necessary requirements for FTS 2018 

  • Android Device running on android version 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) or higher.
  • It covers the storage memory of 350MB so; make storage more than 350 MB to install the game.
  • Nearly 250MB data consumption for downloading the players, managers and the game itself.

How to Install the Game with FTS 18 APK?

first touch soccer 2018 mod apk

Unlike other games, the downloading and installing first touch soccer 2018 apk file is very easy and does not require any specials. Just fulfill the necessary requirements and install the game on your device. Click on the icon and get set with your skills. 
Step 1: On the first note, manage the memory of your device and even uninstall the 2k17 version of First Touch Soccer.
Step 2: Avail the internet plan on your device and install the First touch soccer 2018 apk mod on your device
Step 3: Further download the first touch soccer 2018 apk data with obb files from the given link above.
Step 4: You also get the option to download the FTS 18 apk zip and further extract the necessary files from the same.
Step 5: After successfully downloading the FTS 18 apk latest version, move the first touch soccer 2018 data and obb files in your internal storage.
Step 6: Now just copy the obb folder and paste it into Android-obb.
Step 7: Navigate through your files to get the FTS 2018 apk new file and install it.
Step 8: Tap on the icon of FTS 2018 apk game on your app drawer and enjoy the game.
There can be chances that the default language of the game might not be English. So below are the steps to change the language mode in FTS 18 apk version
Step 1: After successful installation, run the first touch soccer 2018 apk game.
Step 2: After launching the game tap on the tools icon.
Step 3: The window will navigate you to the important settings.
Step 4: Go to the advance settings in FTS 2018 apk new version.
Step 5: Find the suited language and set it for your use.
Step 6: Enjoy the gaming experience in your understandable language.
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 How to Play First Touch Soccer 2018?

fts 18 mod obb data

Virtual Soccer games have gained a lot of appreciation from the gamers worldwide. The first touch soccer 2018 apk version provides you with the unexplainable experience to play cocker on your Android devices. To play this game you should pro and adaptive to the handle the game properly.

  • First of all, you have to install First touch soccer 2018 android application package. By following above steps. 
  • Once the installation process is finished, open the game by clicking on its icon.
  • The game will take a couple of seconds to start, then it will ask you to select your team.
  • You can select your team according to the following leagues and a select player from that team.
  • After all, formality is done, then you can see a game home screen with some gaming modes like Single match manager mode, career mode, practice mode and many other.
  • Choose any of this mode like a single match for proceed to play. 
  • Then, it asks to select your team and opponent team. Select your favorite team or any other team to play the match.
  • After match started, you will see there is some controller on the left side and right side of your mobile screen.
  • Left side controller is used to performing left, right, up, down operation to control the player. Right side controller is used to kicking, pass, shoot the ball.
  • One can also perform various tactics by double tapping on the right side controller.
  • In case, you want to quickly complete the match then you can choose match simulation option in the menu. You just have to pay 5 game coins and after match completed you will get 30 coins.

Minimum Configurations for FTS 2018 Android

  • FTS 2018 apk and obb size is 75MB and 102 MB.
  • FTS 2018 apk games require a minimum of 500MB internal storage space.
  • If your device has Full HD display then, you can enjoy alluring graphics of FTS 18 Android game.
  • FTS 18 apk only runs on devices which are running on Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich), Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo or Higher.
  • First Touch soccer game requires no internet connection; you can enjoy it in offline mode. 
  • Your Android Smartphone must have to GB of RAM to Play FTS 18.

First Touch Soccer 2018 for PC

It is very difficult to play First touch soccer 2018 on PC, there are lots of emulators are available on the internet, which helps us to run these apps on PC. Some emulators like Bluestack, KOPlayer emulator etc. But here we talk about Bluestack emulator.
Bluestack is an App player developed by American Technology Company. This app player is designed to take the experience of the android application on a computer running on Windows, Mac operating system. App player is free to the public to download on their Windows or Mac OS. Bluestack is very powerful app player it can run over 95 percent of Google play store application without any problem.

Blue stack app player requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, Direct X9 or above and more than 3.5 GB of hard disk space. You can download it for free from their official website. Here are some steps to play First touch soccer 2018 on PC via Bluestack emulator.

Step 1: First, download the Bluestack app player setup from their official website.
Step 2: once downloading is completed, open Bluestack installer and install Bluestack on your PC.
Step 3: After Bluestack is successfully installed, then install FTS 2018 application on it.
Step 4: click on Bluestack icon to open it, and then complete the startup process to proceed to the desktop.
Step 4: Further download the first touch soccer 2018 apk data with obb.
Step 5: You also get the option to download the FTS 18 apk zip and further extract the necessary files from the same.
Step 6: After successfully downloading the FTS 18 apk latest version, move the files in your internal storage.
Step 7: Now just place the obb folder of FTS 18 game in your Android obb file.
Step 8: Navigate through your files to get the FTS 2018 apk new file and install it.
Step 9: Tap the icon of First touch soccer 2018 on your drawer and enjoy soccer.

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game

first touch soccer obb data 2018 apk

Still Struggling to finish First Touch Soccer 2018? Here, we are providing some tips and tricks which help you to learn tactics and finish the game like a professional.
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1. Modified Apk: Now first consider you are lucky because in the next five minutes, I am sure you will have a limpid dirt container, now first you have to download FTS 18 mod and data, obb files developed by Rizky. This FTS 2018 apk mod consist of various feature, unlike Original FTS 2018 game.

This FTS 18 apk mod includes a new design of Button, new and beautiful grass, more stadiums, the latest and New Jersey’s, kit and boots. High definition hairs of player and much more.

2. Customizations: First touch soccer allows you to edit stadium, crowd, and many more things. In this, you can easily customize stadium by paying some amount of game money. Editing stadium helps you to boost your profits because more seats mean more people come to the stadium to watch your matches.

3. Match Simulation: this is the great feature but most of the peoples don’t know about it. You can use this feature in case you don’t want to play it yourself and want5s to complete the match quickly. One just has to pay 5 game coins and get 30 coins after winning the match.

4. How to get free coins: In first touch soccer 2018, it is very easy to get free coins with the legal method. The first option is to connect your FTS 18 apk game with Facebook or twitter to get free coins. The second option is to watch advertisement within the game after the match to earn free coins. And a third option plays manager mode and completes the objectives to earn 40 coins.

5. Substitution: Most of the gamers don’t know about this trick. if some of your players feel tired during the match, you can pause the game and click on a substitute to give rest to them.

6. Skill moves: During a match, when you have a possession then, double tap on the right controller to do various skill moves. This trick helps you to win the matches easily.

7. Penalty: save the penalty is very difficult task for a non-professional, but you can make it easy by following some steps. Like touch the ball and swipe it toward the direction where you want to hit. Try to make a perfect shot and use decent power on the kick.

8. Unlimited coins: you can also use this first touch soccer 2018 apk unlimited coin download to get free unlimited coins.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Most of the peoples love to play this game on their mobile device. There are lots of Football games are available on the internet, but only few football games are good to play. FTS 18 is one of them, this game provides you the same experience as you are playing the live match. The features, graphics promises to provide you with the sheer gaming experience. You can download first touch soccer 2018 apk zip file for your android device from the given link above.

Get FTS 18 for PPSSPP

You know there are quite a handful of soccer games on the web. However, you like FTS 2018 the most, don't you? In this article, I will help you play FTS 18 on PPSSPP Android.

It is not a Herculean task as you believe. As you are looking for FTS on PSP, I guess you know what it is. As we dig deep into the full form, PPSSPP is PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. I know you are eagerly waiting for the method.

How to Get First Touch Soccer on PSP?

Play Station is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. Sony has released different versions for the same and the latest one is PS4. As we all know, Microsoft's Xbox has their own fair share in the industry as well.

You can follow the step-by-step method given below to get FTS ROM for PSP.

Step 1: You know, PPSSPP imitates the environment of Play Station. For the same, you need a Play Station emulator. You can use the link given below for that.

Step 2: Once you have finished installing this application on your device, it's time for you to feed the emulator with the necessary files. What do you need in order to be able to play FTS 18 for PPSSPP? Well, use the link given below.

Step 3: All you have to do is opening up the emulator and browse to the files you downloaded from the link given above.

There you go! You can now play PSP FTS 18 like a boss.

Download FTS 2018 for PC Windows

I know you are ardent football fan. Which club do you like the most? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Manchester United? Manchester City? Or Bayern Munich? Don't kill me if I you didn't find your favourite team here. The point is you like football and you want FTS 2018 on Windows PC.
Don't worry! In this article, I am helping you get one of the best Android soccer games on your computer. You will have to do what exactly I am going to say. So, sit tight and follow the steps given below.

How to Play FTS 18 on PC

play first touch soccer 18 for pc

First Touch Soccer Android is a well known game. I know you already played it on your smartphone and that's why you are here looking to get the same on your windows computer. Is it possible? Why not!

You should follow the steps given below to download and install First Touch Soccer 2018 for PC.

Step 1: We are going to emulate the Android game on your computer. Means, you need an Android emulator for Windows. The best option is Bluestacks. However, not many opt for it given its resource-burning nature. In case you are not confident about your system, you can go for another emulator like BigNox or Andyroid.

Step 2: You can use the link above to download files needed for running FTS 18 on Windows. Once you do those, you should proceed to installing the emulator on the system. It might take a few minutes to finish the process.

download first touch soccer 2018 for pc

Step 3: I hope you completed the emulator installation. Then, find the soccer APK file you downloaded. Try to open it up by double-clicking. Most probably, you won't see it open. The computer will ask you to choose a program to open with, instead.

Step 4: There you go! You can start playing FTS 2018 on PC right now. If you chose Bluestacks emulator and you have a high-configuration computer, you won't face any glitches.

What if you don't want to install a separate application just for the sake of playing First Touch Soccer on Windows? You can then check our Chromebook guide, which will come out soon.

FTS 18 for iOS; Play First Touch Soccer on iPhone

Whenever we come across an awesome game, we like to have it on the platforms we use. So, I know why you are here looking for First Touch Soccer 2018 for iPhone. In this article, you are going to get the same.

If you don't know, it is pretty difficult for anyone to run Android apps on iPhone. But we are going to give it a try no matter what.

How to Play FTS 2018 on iOS?

first touch soccer 2018 on iphone
As you already read, what we are trying to do here, isn't a piece of cake. Given the closed ecosystem of iOS, it isn't easy for anyone to run an application (meant for another platform) on iPhone. Still, you can go through the following steps to do it.

Step 1:- First, you need to know what an emulator is. It is an application or software that helps you run another platform on your current OS. That's what we are using here to enjoy First Touch Soccer 18 on iPad.

You can get a glimpse of Android emulator for iOS here on this Quora thread. People have commented different methods to install emulators there. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Unfortunately, not every single method can work for you. So, stick to the one that's best for you.

Step 2:- Now that you have got the emulator, download Android APK of FTS. Why do you need the installation file? Well, the emulator mimics the Android ecosystem, so that you can run FTS 18 on iOS like a breeze.
best soccer game for ios

Step 3:- There, you will see an option to open application from APK files. All you have to do is browsing to the APK file and hit Run. There you have it, First Touch Soccer for iOS.

In case this doesn't work, you can use mirroring options as well. We will keep publishing articles that help you run FTS on different platforms.